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Robotic Gloves

Robotic Gloves

Robotic Gloves at StemRx Hospital involve the use of specialized gloves equipped with robotic technology to assist patients in performing hand and finger movements. These gloves are designed to provide support and guidance to patients with limited hand function due to neurological conditions, injuries, or disabilities. By assisting in hand movements, robotic gloves help improve hand function, dexterity, and independence.


Robotic Gloves at StemRx Hospital are utilized in rehabilitation programs for patients with conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy. They are also used in research settings to study hand function and explore potential therapeutic interventions for other hand-related conditions. Patients undergoing Robotic Gloves therapy experience improved hand strength, coordination, and functional abilities.


Compared to conventional therapies, Robotic Gloves at StemRx Hospital offer several advantages. Firstly, they provide targeted assistance to specific hand movements, promoting muscle activation and retraining. This leads to improved hand function and dexterity compared to traditional exercises alone. Additionally, Robotic Gloves allow for customized therapy programs tailored to each patient's needs and abilities. They also offer real-time feedback and monitoring of hand movements, facilitating objective assessment and tracking of progress. Moreover, Robotic Gloves can be used in conjunction with other rehabilitation techniques to enhance their effectiveness and promote a more comprehensive approach to patient care. Overall, Robotic Gloves at StemRx Hospital provide a safe, effective, and innovative approach to hand rehabilitation, offering personalized and functional therapeutic interventions.

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