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Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

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Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Revitalize Your Strength: StemRx Hospital's Breakthrough Solutions for Age-Related Muscle Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a progressive eye disease that affects millions worldwide, particularly those over 50. It causes damage to the macula, a part of the retina crucial for sharp central vision. AMD can lead to blurriness, dark spots, or distortion in the center of vision, making tasks like reading or driving challenging. There are two types: dry AMD, which progresses slowly and wet AMD, which advances rapidly and can cause severe vision loss. While there is no cure, early detection and treatment can help manage symptoms and preserve vision, highlighting the importance of regular eye exams for seniors.


Here are the key symptoms of AMD:

  • Blurred or distorted central vision:

    Straight lines may appear wavy or distorted, and central vision may become progressively blurry.

  • Dark or empty areas in central vision:

    A blind spot may develop in the centre of your vision, making it difficult to see clearly.

  • Difficulty reading or recognizing faces:

    Reading small print or recognizing faces can become challenging due to central vision loss.

  • Decreased brightness or intensity of colours:

    Colors may appear less vibrant or faded.

  • Increased sensitivity to glare:

    Bright lights or glare may cause discomfort or difficulty seeing.

  • Difficulty adapting to low light conditions:

    Vision may worsen in dim lighting or at night.

Common Fears and Concerns

  • Loss of Independence:

    Fear of losing independence due to muscle weakness and reduced mobility, impacting daily activities like walking and household chores.

  • Increased Risk of Falls:

    Weak muscles and reduced balance increase the risk of falls and fractures, raising concerns about injury and safety.

  • A Decline in Quality of Life:

    Sarcopenia leads to limitations in physical activities, social interactions, and hobbies, impacting the overall quality of life.

  • Functional Limitations:

    Muscle weakness causes difficulty in lifting objects, reaching overhead, or maintaining posture, affecting work and leisure activities.

  • Impact on Mental Health:

    Chronic pain, decreased mobility, and loss of independence contribute to frustration, anxiety, and depression.

  • Nutritional Concerns:

    Maintaining muscle mass requires adequate nutrition, raising concerns about inadequate protein intake and malnutrition.

  • Medical Complications:

    Weak muscles can lead to issues like difficulty swallowing or breathing, especially in severe cases.

  • Impact on Chronic Diseases:

    Sarcopenia exacerbates effects of chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.

  • Financial Burden:

    Managing sarcopenia may require ongoing medical care, therapy, or home modifications, causing financial concerns.

  • Social Isolation:

    Reduced mobility and limited social participation contribute to feelings of isolation and loneliness, impacting mental well-being.

Why StemRx:

StemRx is the only healthcare services organization that offers a complete end to end healthcare package under one single roof right from the point where the patient walks in for a consultation, the evaluation, the medical assessments, the therapies, the medication, long term post discharge strategies and much more.

One look at the patient feedback library will indicate that at StemRx we are committed to improvement of medical condition of the patient by meeting the defined timeline-based milestones, as well as ensuring that there is patient delight when the patient departs from our facility.


  • More than 250 plus years of cumulative experience of the team coming from various specialties
  • Handling 3 locations and global citizens
  • Quick identification of required personalized attention to be given to each patient


  • Our continued benchmarks of improving upon prior set quality and delivery objectives
  • Well documented and tested treatment protocols with an eye to adhere to global standards


  • A complete holistic, ethical, and natural solution using regenerative medicine.
  • Complete E2E customized & personalized treatment protocols
  • Only organization to take care of patient from first contact to last mile post discharge documentation
  • Strict quality control measures and GMP certified labs in place

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StemRx harnesses the regenerative power of stem cells to repair and regenerate damaged muscle tissue. This approach goes beyond symptom management to address the underlying causes of muscular degeneration.

Each patient receives personalized treatment based on their unique medical history and condition. This tailored approach enhances treatment efficacy and minimizes potential side effects.

By promoting tissue regeneration, StemRx aims to achieve long-lasting results, potentially offering sustained improvement in muscle function and overall quality of life.

StemRx utilizes minimally invasive procedures for stem cell delivery, reducing patient discomfort and recovery time compared to invasive surgeries.

StemRx provides comprehensive care, combining stem cell therapy with holistic approaches such as physical therapy, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle modifications to optimize patient outcomes.

StemRx is backed by ongoing research and innovation, ensuring that patients have access to the latest advancements in stem cell therapy for muscular degeneration.

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