Orphan Diseases

Orphan diseases, also known as rare diseases, are conditions that affect a small percentage of the population. an orphan disease is defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 individuals. Although each rare disease affects a small number of people, there are
approximately 8,000 rare diseases, and together they affect an estimated 25-30 million


Orphan diseases can be caused by genetic mutations, infections, environmental factors, or a combination of these factors. Many orphan diseases are chronic and progressive, meaning that they get worse over time. They can be debilitating, and some are life-threatening. Because orphan diseases are rare, they often receive little attention from researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers. This lack of attention can lead to delayed or incorrect diagnoses, limited treatment options, and a lack of effective therapies.


Fortunately, there have been recent advances in the understanding and treatment of orphan diseases. Additionally, advances in genetic testing and personalized medicine have enabled more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatments for individuals with rare diseases. An orphan drug is a drug for a rare disease or condition. Some rare disease treatments have been “orphaned” or discontinued because there was not enough financial incentive to continue development or production.

A list of some of the Orphan Diseases is as follows:



We have effectively treated over 40 patients of Orphan Diseases with BMCG!

Rare or orphan diseases are the ones that are most neglected because of their volume and rareness. In such cases, artificial intelligence based on the biological behavior of the body, new technologies have been developed at StemRx. These are based on secretomes, exosomes, various mRNAs, and small bio nano molecules which are derived from MSCs of various types. Along with stem cells, quantum energy medicines are used. These biological products, cells, and peptides do make necessary improvements in these orphan or rare diseases. All of them to some extent may show improvement which leads to improvement of quality of life.

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