Hydro Therapy

Aquatic Therapy is any activity performed in water to assist in rehabilitation and recovery from an injury. It is a popular treatment for patients with neurologic and musculoskeletal conditions. The goals of this therapy are muscle relaxation, improving joint motion, and reducing pain. Physiotherapists are often involved in aqua-therapy in a rehabilitation setting. Client satisfaction and adherence to this form of exercise are often high. The therapeutic effects are often enhanced by the social setting of the sessions.


Aquatic therapy involves a variety of gentle treatments and exercise programs that take place in a pool. It is a form of exercise in warm water. These programs provide relief of pain by relieving pressure from the joints and helping to strengthen them. It also helps muscles to maintain flexibility in the joints. Hydrotherapy reduces nerve irritation and decreases nerve sensitivity. It normalizes ion channels, releases endorphins, helps to reduce pain, and relieves inflammation in joints, muscles, nerves, lymphatic system.

Therapeutic Effects:

Aquatic therapy is usually performed for the following reasons:

Hydrotherapy can provide symptomatic relief to people with the following conditions:

Clinical Contraindications:

Please note the following serious and absolute contraindications to prescribing hydrotherapy.

Relative Contraindications:

Absolute Contraindications:


There are several benefits to hydrotherapy. It may be a fantastic way to lessen symptoms without the use of drugs or other invasive procedures. Hydrotherapy is very safe and has few to no negative effects if you receive it from a qualified, licensed practitioner. Warm or cold water is used in sitz baths, which are also known as shallow baths. Sit-down baths may be advised by medical professionals to treat conditions including cramping and hemorrhoids. Hydrotherapy is still being studied for its advantages and applications. Some claims about the health benefits of hydrotherapy are currently unsupported by research.

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Following are available Membership Types:

1. Memberships can be subscribed for: 1200/- per year per individual.

2. Couples can benefit the same @ 2000/- per couple per year.

3. A family plan of up to 6 individuals subscribed for 3000/- per year.

4. Corporates can inquire for bulk subscriptions which will come along with lecture presentations and interactive sessions and treatment plans as a value addition.

5. Corporate (Individual) members can extend benefits to their immediate families with a top up of 500/- per add on per year.

6. Members will quarterly free consultations and checkups and 2 sessions of Oral Prophylaxis in a year.



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