Dr. Pradeep Mahajan

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Dr. Pradeep Mahajan

Founder & Chairman

Dr. Pradeep V. Mahajan is an acclaimed professional emerging at the horizon of transformational healthcare for the masses by conceptualizing, inventing, creating and contributing by effective & innovative technologies in this noble profession. This has been pioneered through regenerative medicine and developing cellular therapy techniques for mass welfare where conventional methods have had their limitations.


Pursuing the Hailing from a very humble background of the Marathwada region of Maharashtra state, and facing many challenges and hardships through his childhood and seen sufferings of the poor from very close quarters – which solidified his pledge and determination of transforming under privileged sections of the society by uplifting them through offerings in the medical field wherein he is pursuing regenerative options and the cause for finding a curative treatment for hematological disorders and various types of cancers through unconventional methods which can be delivered to society at large within limited costs and resources.

Hard work, determination and blessings of the almighty and all his loved ones led to one success to the other and the philosophy and concept was formulated:


Social Footprint

Dr. Pradeep Mahajan is passionate about bringing in transformational and disruptive theories and sharing his knowledge, research as well as the benefits of treatment / therapy that he provides to his patients. His aim is to spread the reach of cellular therapy to the remotest, desiring and underprivileged sections of the society.


Working with the health departments of various state governments to provide this innovative therapy at a subsidized cost thereby reducing the financial burden of healthcare sector expenses on the health departments and saving millions of foreign exchange and country’s wealth.

Contributing to the society at large by creating awareness though detailed presentations and discussions on various medical issues, associated diseases and other prevalent conditions which affect the common man and how he / she can benefit from the use of cellular therapy.


Dr. Mahajan also runs a trust that helps poor and needy patients to get their treatment done at subsidised costs. He is working closely with the state government under these schemes to provide cellular therapy and treatment and highly subsidised and affordable costs.

Educating and appraising the public at large through personal, visual media and social media platforms, Dr. Mahajan has continuously and tirelessly been sharing his knowledge on medical topics:

Over the past many years, he has been inspiring through articles on various diseases, their detection and prevention of progression as well as generic guidelines how to treat them.


He has revolutionized and transformed the healthcare sector by changing the approach and the manner in which debilitating disorders are treated. He is continuously striving to bring about new initiatives in the field of healthcare whereby this treatment can be provided to the needy at an affordable cost.


He has devised autologous protocols for more than 75+ types of disorders due to which many patients who have been suffering from various debilitating disorders have benefitted and are now living a quality life with independence and dignity.

Research and Academics


He has also provided as well as facilitated charitable treatment to more than 2000 needy patients who come from financially challenged backgrounds.


His association with MUHS, ITM and Amity University for academic purposes as well as recognition from various reputed bodies have made him a well-recognized professional with humble credentials in the area of regenerative medicine.

So far has successfully conducted more than 7000+ screenings, 3000+ surgeries and has been able to devise autologous stem cell protocols for more than 75+ disorders.

Journey So Far

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Following are available Membership Types:

1. Memberships can be subscribed for: 1200/- per year per individual.

2. Couples can benefit the same @ 2000/- per couple per year.

3. A family plan of up to 6 individuals subscribed for 3000/- per year.

4. Corporates can inquire for bulk subscriptions which will come along with lecture presentations and interactive sessions and treatment plans as a value addition.

5. Corporate (Individual) members can extend benefits to their immediate families with a top up of 500/- per add on per year.

6. Members will quarterly free consultations and checkups and 2 sessions of Oral Prophylaxis in a year.



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