Chronic Kidney Disease

The primary function of the kidneys is to filter surplus water and waste from your blood and produce urine. The kidney balances the salts and minerals that circulate in the blood, including calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium, to keep the body functioning properly. Additionally, the kidneys produce hormones that keep your bones healthy, regulate blood pressure, and produce red blood cells. Kidneys that are damaged and unable to function normally are said to have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

When the kidneys are not working properly, waste and excess fluids can build up in the body, leading to a variety of symptoms and complications. Over time, the renal disease frequently worsens and might result in kidney failure. Dialysis or a kidney transplant will be necessary for the patient to remain healthy if their kidneys fail.


The most frequent causes of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are diabetes and high blood pressure. Blood glucose levels that are too high, harm the filters in the kidney. Kidneys can deteriorate to the point where they are no longer effective at removing toxins and extra fluid from the blood over time. The medical term for kidney disease brought on by diabetes is diabetic renal disease. Kidney blood arteries can be damaged by high blood pressure, which will affect how well the kidney’s functions. Kidneys’ ability to eliminate waste and extra fluid from the body may be compromised if the blood vessels inside of them are damaged. A dangerous cycle may then be created by extra fluid in the blood arteries, which would further increase blood pressure.

Other causes of kidney disease are as follows:



We have effectively treated over 250 patients of CKD with BMCG!

MSCs are isolated from the adipose tissue surrounding organs. MSCs are usually harvested via bone marrow aspirate for chronic kidney diseases. These stem cells have a regenerative property in the tissues. MSCs are directly transplanted angiocath intravenously into the kidneys intravenously only in the StemRx. Along with stem cells, many adjunct therapies are given to patients with chronic kidney disease. Therapies such as HBOT (Hyperbaric oxygen therapy) were also used for the treatment. Thus, Cell-based therapy can provide healing effects in chronic kidney disorders. Heat shock protein along with antifibrotics are included. Water therapy was also applied to enhance kidney function with a sauna.


Treatment for CKD may include medications, lifestyle changes, and in severe cases which require dialysis or a kidney transplant. It is important for individuals with CKD to work closely with their healthcare team to manage their condition and prevent further kidney damage. Thus, Cell-based therapy can provide healing effects in chronic kidney disorders.

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