About StemRx

Established in 2011, StemRx BioScience Solutions Private Limited envisioned utilizing the potential of cells to their highest caliber under the leadership of Dr. Pradeep V. Mahajan (Chairman & Managing Director) who has more than 3 decades of healthcare experience (both conventional as well as in the field of regenerative medicine). At StemRx We believe in researching Bone Marrow Concentrate Graft. StemRx Bioscience Pvt. Ltd aims to set the standard in Regenerative medicine and Bone Marrow Concentrate Graft therapy through research and clinical excellence and responsiveness to the needs of every patient. StemRx has approvals from all major compliance and regulatory authorities such as FDA, CDSCO as well as has a GMP grade lab.


Founded on the philosophy of ‘Your carry your own repairing kits in your body” team StemRx comprises of a core team of neurosurgeon, neurologist, physiotherapists, neuropediatric therapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, aquatic therapist, psychologist, dietitian, and/or the caregivers having a cumulative research and treatment experience of more than 250 years. At StemRx we strive to exceed the highest standards of quality care, management and enhancing medical standards using state of the art technology from time to time.


Dr. Pradeep Mahajan witnessed firsthand the shortcomings of conventional healthcare in effectively treating debilitating and degenerative medical conditions during the early years of his professional career. Patients who were turned away from hospitals due to these limitations were left to live miserable lives until the end. Driven by the desire to find better and more effective solutions, he founded StemRx BioScience Solutions Private Limited – a research and development organization that specializes in regenerative medicine.


In 2011, StemRx was established, and since then, it has been committed to conducting extensive research, testing, and quality control management while adhering to the highest GMP standards. As a result, the organization has flourished and expanded into academics, research, clinical trials, and has received approvals from regulatory bodies.


StemRx aims to be a global healthcare leader in the niche science of regenerative medicine, offering affordable healthcare to every person from all walks of life.


To help patients live a normalized life style who are suffering from rare and orphan diseases by establishing close relationship between Bio-Tech researchers and clinicians where conventional medicine has limitations.


Dream and hope for all diseases using ‘A Living Drug Molecule’. By harnessing and regenerating the power of cells /stem cells / biological products for research and therapy, that will lead to quality and longevity of life.


StemRx Bioscience?

StemRx is the only healthcare services organization that offers a complete end to end healthcare package under one single roof right from the point where the patient walks in for a consultation, the evaluation, the medical assessments, the therapies, the medication, long term post discharge strategies and much more.


One look at the patient feedback library will indicate that at StemRx we are committed to improvement of medical condition of the patient by meeting the defined timeline-based milestones, as well as ensuring that there is patient delight when the patient departs from our facility.




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Following are available Membership Types:

1. Memberships can be subscribed for: 1200/- per year per individual.

2. Couples can benefit the same @ 2000/- per couple per year.

3. A family plan of up to 6 individuals subscribed for 3000/- per year.

4. Corporates can inquire for bulk subscriptions which will come along with lecture presentations and interactive sessions and treatment plans as a value addition.

5. Corporate (Individual) members can extend benefits to their immediate families with a top up of 500/- per add on per year.

6. Members will quarterly free consultations and checkups and 2 sessions of Oral Prophylaxis in a year.



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