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Autologous Cellular Therapy

Cellular Medicine is the advanced medicine based on the application of stem cells which are present inside the body. This has the enormous potential in the new treatment methodologies of the diseases and disorders.Autologous cellular therapy means use of patient's own body stem cells for his/her treatment.

Inside of our body there is a microscopic world – busy and complex. This world is made up of stem cells. Stem cells which are nothing but the building blocks of the body are the steps of the ladder of Regenerative Medicine. These stem cells are capable of differentiating into different types of cell lines and thus hold a promise to cure number of the medical conditions subjected to physician's approval.

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Stem Cell Therapy in Mumbai

Stem Cells types

  • Totipotent (total):
    • Total potential to differentiate into any adult cell type
    • Total potential to form specialized tissue needed for embryonic development
  • Pluripotent (plural):
    • Potential to form most or all 220 differentiated adult cell types
  • Multipotent (multiple):
    • Limited potential
    • Forms only multiple adult cell types

Stem Cells Sources

  • Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC): received from:
    • Embryos created in vitro fertilization
    • Aborted embryos
  • Adult Stem Cells (ASC): can be received from:
    • Limited tissues (bone marrow, muscle, brain, adipose tissue)
      • Discrete populations of adult stem cells generate replacements for cells that are lost through normal wear and tear, injury or disease.
    • Placental cord

    StemRx BioScience Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Treatment center for Autologous Stem Cells Therapy

    Why Opt for StemRx For Autologous Stem Cells Treatment ?

    • Strong presence in healthcare service for two decades
    • Dedicated team of doctors for stem cell treatment
    • Blend of experienced and young energetic team of researchers.
    • Protocols are accepted, implemented and appreciated by several international bio-research institutes.
    • Stem cells are processed in most advanced in-house tissue culture lab.
    • Expertise care faculty for every individual patient.
    • Most cost effective treatments.

Happy Patients

I am happy. Feeling great.After one year my FBS is 80 & 81 yesterday and today.There is noticeable improvement in joints also.

- Umesh Godbole / Bengaluru.

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